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Residential Care for Children & Young People



Was founded in 2008 by Collins Usada the Company Director and Amanda Charlie the Company Secretary. Together, we have more than 30years experience in the social care sector mainly around Children and Young People’s Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Supported Living.
We provide Residential Care placements and Supported Accommodation for young people in the community. We currently operate 4 Ofsted Registered and Regulated Children’s Residential Care Homes. We also operate several properties in Peterborough supporting young people in the Leaving Care age group with gaining valuable life and independent living skills. This includes supporting them with managing their home, their weekly money, healthcare issues, emotional and behavioural issues, education and training matters, legal matters, social matters et-cetera to ensure they build resilience to cope with life issues. We provide our services in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. Our Supported Living services are presently based in Peterborough to ensure effective support of our young people.
Our aim is to provide good quality care and person-centred support in a therapeutic environment so that children and young people can thrive and achieve better outcomes. Our provisions are homely and well maintained so that children feel happy, safe and at home; home away from home.
Our practice is informed by the four letters: CARE
Care in Action
CARE We do care. We provide care that is anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive to our children and young people for them to feel like they are at home, they belong, and they are valued.
ACHIEVING OUTCOMES Our children and young people achieving and attaining better future outcomes is our main objective. We provide care and support that creates a better foundation that involves the children and young people in the decision-making process and in shaping how they want to be cared for to ensure all needs are met. We provide Comprehensive Induction Training to Staff as well as key training in areas such as Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Safeguarding, Child Sexual Exploitation, Prevent, Gangs and Knife Crime, Drugs and County Lines, Risk Assessment et-cetera to help better inform practice and for better intervention processes. Our support / care is tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual child. RECRUITMENT We have a robust recruitment process that promotes safer recruitment and ensures we select the right candidates to look after our children and young people. Our recruitment follows Safer Recruitment principles and the Warner Interviewing process. All necessary checks on prospective employees including Written and Verbal Reference Checks, Gaps in Employment, DBS/ Convictions Checks, Overseas Checks, etc. EXPECTATIONS Our expectations for our children and young people are set high and staff support them with establishing and meeting their personal aspirations through engaging with other multi-agencies and educational establishments be they mainstream or specialist. We hope this equips our children and young people with self-confidence to make good decisions about their future. We also work in partnership with other agencies CAMHS, Red Cross, Virtual Schools and Colleges.
For Statement of Purpose, Ofsted Reports and Policies and Procedures, please send an enquiry to or call us on 01733 310386
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